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You may not have an interest in being vegetarian but changing things up is good for your health and helps your inner system gain minerals and vitamins it may not otherwise. It's also a huge benefit to the planet if we minimize our meat intake from time to time. Try adopting your own version of meatless Monday by ordering this mouth-watering plant based vegetable bowl with pesto served on the side to create a delectable meal. And - your body won't be missing the meat because when you combine rice and beans you get a complete protein that supports your body in similar ways as animal products do.  REGULAR - 407 calories | 25g fat | 50g carbs | 17g protein LARGE - 611 calories | 36g fat | 75g carbs | 26g protein ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Rice, lentils, spinach, cauliflower, basil, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, Pecorino cheese, sea salt, pepper