Q: What does LUVITA stand for?

A: Love is the answer. We exist to inspire and empower you to LOVE YOURSELF.


Q: When are my meals delivered?

A: Sunday & Wednesdays between 3-9pm.  If you have a specific request for your delivery, let us know one of the following ways.

-  In the notes section when you place your order

- Email info@luvitafoundation.com

- Call or Text 916-835-4059.


Q: When is the deadline to order?

A: Orders for Sunday delivery are due by Saturday at 11am.

     Orders for Wednesday delivery are due by Tuesday at 11am.


Q: What does delivery cost?

A: Orders $75 and over are delivered for FREE! For orders under $75, delivery is $10.


Q: Where do you deliver?

A: We are based out of downtown Sacramento and we deliver within a 45 mile radius including:


·      Antelope

·      Carmichael

·      Citrus Heights

·      Davis

·      El Dorado Hills

·      Elk Grove

·      Folsom

·      North Highlands

·      Roseville

·      Rocklin

·      Rancho Cordova

·      Sacramento

·      West Sacramento


*** If your address does not fall within one of these cities please let us know. We’d love to make this service work for you and will work on an alternative delivery/pick-up location whenever possible.


Q: Can I pick my food up?

A: If you are interested in picking your food up please email or call us and we will do our best to work something out for you. 

Q: What can I expect on delivery day?

A: On your first delivery we will attempt to meet you face to face by knocking on your door. This allows you to put a face with those making your meals and to ask any questions you may have. On future orders your meals will be placed on your font porch in a brown paper bag. You will receive a text message once your meal delivery has been completed.


Q: Can I modify my meals to accommodate my diet restrictions and allergies?

A: Yes! Each meal you order is made specifically for you with love. We want you to love it as much as we love making it. If you are allergic to certain foods or are on a special diet (keto, paleo, high protein, etc.) please let us know in the notes section. If we have questions or have price updates due to your requests we will contact you before completing your order.


Q: Do I have to make a commitment or sign up for a subscription to order from you?

A: Absolutley not! LUVITA Foods was created to work for your lifestyle. Whether that means you just need a couple meals a week or 3/meals day, 7/days week, we are here for you.


Q: How long are my meals good for?

A: Your meals will stay fresh up to 7 days although we recommend eating them within 4 days for ultimate freshness.

Sunday Delivery: For ultimate freshness we recommend eating these by end of day Wednesday (but they will last through Friday.)

Wednesday Delivery: For ultimate freshness, we recommend eating these by end of day Saturday (but will last through Tuesday.)


Q: How do I reheat my meals?

A: Each meal has re-heating instructions on the label. Our instructions include recommended temp and time for stove top and microwave re-heating. You can also choose to heat your meals in the oven.


Q: Are your containers recyclable and compostable?

A: Yes! We believe in doing our part to minimize the negative effects on our earth. Our containers are made from plant pulp, are 100% recyclable, and compostable.


Q: What are in my meals?

A: We believe that we are what we eat. That means that the quality of food we are putting into our mouths plays a huge role in our overall health and nutritional balance. We keep our ingredients organic and local wherever possible. We do not use processed foods EVER. Our added sugars consist of high-grade organic honey, organic 100% maple syrup, and organic brown sugar (baked goods only). These sources are jam packed with vital minerals and vitamins that we feel are good for the soul when used in moderation. We are always looking to further our knowledge on where each ingredient is coming from and sharing that information with you. Make sure you are friends with us on Instagram to stay in touch with where your food is coming from!


Q: Do you offer classes on how to meal prep?

A: We are in the starting phases of creating courses for you. We would love to hear from you if you are interested. Please let us know what you would like to learn!