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(Not your Moms) Beef Stew w/Horseradish Chive Cream

Our delicious (Keto Friendly) Beef Stew looks and tastes like mom used to make but there is one BIG difference. NO POTATOES! A perfect warm treat for your belly (or for getting rid of your belly!) Served with a side of horseradish chive cream. MmmmmMmmmm good!

Regular:  353 calories | 27g protein | 23g fat | 8g carb  

Large:     529 calories | 41g protein | 35g fat | 12g carb  

Why you should LOVE this meal: Besides the fact that it's flat-out delicious, we swapped out the potatoes for radish. Not only does this lower the calories allowing us to add more protein but they are also PACKED with nutrients and they absorb the flavors of the stew perfectly.


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