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Welcome to LUVITA Foods Meal Prep!

We deliver the absolute BEST Meal Prep in Sacramento. We start with the highest quality local ingredients and we create the most delicious and perfectly balanced meals anywhere. 

We live, eat, and breath Meal Prep and through years of practice and coaching we know how to get our clients the health benefits they are looking for. 

Our meals are expertly crafted to give you the exact combination of Protein, Carbs, and Fats to feel your best! 

Eating at least 2 LUVITA Foods Meal Prep meals per day will:

Lower Belly Fat

Increase Positive Energy

Improve Mental Clarity

Support Lean Muscle Growth

 You may purchase a discounted package without coaching by clicking HERE: When ordering for your first time please include a cooler bag to keep your food cold during delivery. 

If you need help choosing the right meal plan please reach out using the button below or text 916-562-6080. We will answer ASAP.

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